Purify O3 CPAP Sanitizer


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Major benefits:

  • PAP tubing can be a breading ground for bacteria and mold the Purify O3 ozone permeates the tubing to sanitize small tight hard to reach areas
  • Universal design works with any mask or machine.
  • Built in CPAP tubing adapter; plus a heated tubing adapter (20mm x 22mm)
  • Safe and effective
  • Simple 1 button operation
  • Disinfects in 35 minutes
  • Automatic shut off, set it and forget
  • Sold as a complete kit all you need to start the day it arrives
  • Compact size makes it easy to take anywhere
  • Rechargeable battery via USB or wall outlet
  • Charged battery good for 5-6 sanitizing cycles
  • Sanitizing cycle for Purify O3 ~35 mins; unit beeps 5 times, then powers off. Close 90 mins after clean for ozone to dissipate before use


  • Purify 03 CPAP Sanitizer
  • Dual-Purpose Sanitizing/Travel Case
  • USB Charging Cable
  • Outlet Charging Adapter
  • CPAP Tubing Adapter
  • Instruction Manual (English and Spanish)

Purify O3 features a one-touch control to simplify the disinfection process.  Simply push to start the cycle, Purify O3 automatically shuts off after disinfection is complete.  Easy to read indicator lights make it effortless to understand if the unit is on, has a low battery or when charging is complete.  The cordless design eliminates the hassle of overcrowded outlets - charge via USB port or any wall outlet as needed.

The standard set-up kit includes a dual purpose sanitizing/storage bag designed to be used for sanitizing and to store the unit when not in use.   No additional pre-wash solutions, filters, or replacement bags required!


Use a cleansing wipe or damp clean cloth to lightly surface clean any residue, as per the manufacturer's guidelines.


1. Place sanitizer and items inside the supplied sanitizing/travel case.   

2. Push On/Off button for 3-4 seconds to turn on Purify O3 sanitizer.  The unit will beep once and the green light will illuminate to indicate the device is now active and in use. Ozone will begin streaming.  Ensure the all items are inside the sanitizing case.

3. Zip case fully closed.  The sanitizing cycle for Purify O3 is approximately 35 minutes in length.  When complete, the unit will beep 5 times and power off.  After the  cycle is finished, allow the unit to remain in the closed case for an additional 90 minutes to allow the residual ozone to dissipate.


  • Operate only in a well-ventilated area. Do not breathe or ingest the ozone.

  • Do not use your  equipment for at least 90 minutes after sanitation is complete to allow remaining ozone to dissipate.

  • Ensure Purify O3 and all equipment to be disinfected is placed in the closed sanitizing bag during the sanitation cycle.

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I will review when my item arrives in my mailbox. It is saying delivered but I have not received it.