Oxygen Concentrator

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The External Battery Charger for the Rhythm P2 Portable Oxygen Concentrator allows the user to charge a second battery while actively using the P2 concentrator, offering additional freedom and convenience.
The Inogen One G5 Double Battery is a perfect power source to give you independence and mobility for extended vacations or trips. The rechargeable lithium-ion double battery provides up to 13 hours at a flow setting of 2 when fully charged.
$450.00 $489.00
The Inogen One G5 AC Power Supply BA-501 is designed exclusively for use with the Inogen G5 portable oxygen concentrator.
The Inogen One G5 Single Battery powers your Inogen One G5 concentrator when you’re away from a power source to give you complete freedom and mobility. This backup battery is FAA approved and can be taken on airplane. An extra single battery will give you up to 6.5 hours of battery life. Free shipping and delivery are available. We are located in New Jersey (Bellmawr NJ).
$299.00 $350.00
The Inogen At Home Oxygen Concentrator is a reliable and lightweight stationary oxygen concentrator designed for home use. Weighing in at just 18 pounds, the Inogen at Home offers continuous flow oxygen in a range of 1 to 5 settings. Inogen At Home is one of the lightest home oxygen concentrators available. It’s significantly lighter than many other home concentrators in use today.
$1,699.00 $1,850.00
Battery Charger Kit for Oxlife Liberty includes everything you need to charge the Oxlife Liberty battery pack. It charges the battery in less than 4 hours.
OxLife Liberty Battery is lightweight, rechargeable battery and will last up to 4 hours on a pulse setting of 2 or 1.5 hours on a continuous setting of 1.5.
Experience ultimate freedom and flexibility with the GCE Zen-O Battery - 12 Cell. Specifically designed to power your Zen-O™ Portable Oxygen Concentrator, this 12 cell rechargeable lithium ion battery ensures that you can enjoy uninterrupted oxygen therapy wherever life takes you.
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The Inogen One DC Power Cable is specifically designed for use with the Inogen One G3, G4, and G5 portable oxygen concentrators. It connects directly to the automobile DC outlet or auxiliary DC power supply, allowing you to power your Inogen system and recharge the battery. 
A leader in the non-delivery therapy revolution, the 3LPM continuous flow Oxlife INDEPENDENCE® is unlike any other POC. Powered by our patented Energy Smart Technology®, the Oxlife INDEPENDENCE® provides more than 3x the oxygen flow of other leading portable oxygen concentrators (POCs), long battery life and continuous, reliable performance for 24/7 therapy — year after year. Free Shipping and delivery are available. We are located in New Jersey (Bellmawr, NJ).
from $2,550.00
The Inogen One G5 is a portable oxygen concentrator (POC) designed to provide oxygen therapy for individuals with higher oxygen requirements. Whether you’re at home, traveling, or on the go, the Inogen One G5 offers 24/7 oxygen delivery in a compact and convenient package.
The most advanced continuous flow portable oxygen concentrator  (POC) available, the new Oxlife LIBERTY™ delivers 24/7 continuous flow oxygen and the largest pulse dose of any wearable POC with the convenience of a compact, lightweight design. Free shipping and delivery are available. We are located in New Jersey.