Luna TravelPAP Auto CPAP System (Travel CPAP)


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The NEW Luna TravelPAP is a small and lightweight PAP device that offers you the freedom to get a good night’s sleep no matter where you go!


  • Small and Lightweight size (Total weight: 14 ounces)
  • Light ring indicator gives peace of mind that the device is working correctly
  • Supply Reminders
  • LightTrip (US) Smartphone APP
  • Optional 12V DC Adapter for Car, Camper, Truck or RV!

Product Specifications:

Size: 6.26 in x 2.60 in x 2.83 in
Weight: 14.1 ounces
Modes: CPAP, AutoCPAP
Pressure Range: 4-20 hPA
Ramp: Auto, 0-60 mins
Sound Level: <30dBA*

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What masks can be used with the Luna TravelPAP?

A: The Luna TravelPAP can be used with any mask with a standard 22mm connection port. It does not require a proprietary mask.

Q: Does the Luna TravelPAP have an App that I can use to get my compliance data?
A: Yes, there is a patient app. It is called LightTrip (US). It can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play. The LightTrip (US) APP allows you to control your TravelPAP, set comfort features, and review your therapy.

Q: I have a Luna G3 device, can I use the same app for both devices?

A: No, there are different apps for both devices. You will need to use the LightTrip (US) APP, which is designed especially for the Luna TravelPAP.

Q: Can my physician access my compliance data from the Luna TravelPAP?

A: Yes, React Health has a software program for Clinicians called React Health Connect. Your care team, including your Physician will be able to access your data from the Luna TravelPAP on React Health Connect. Should your physician need assistance, please have them reach out to React Health and one of our Clinical Support Specialists will assist them.

Q: Can I Bring the Luna TravelPAP through TSA?

A: Yes, TSA is familiar with these devices. Please refer to this page from the website for specific details. Nebulizers, CPAPs, BiPAPs, and APAPs | Transportation Security Administration ( or see our patient brochure on Flying with your
PAP Device HERE (

Q: Can I use the Luna TravelPAP on an airplane?

A: Yes the TravelPAP meets FAA specifications for use on an aircraft. You can find the FAA letter for the Luna TravelPAP HERE.

Q: What is the warranty on the Luna TravelPAP?

A: The Luna TravelPAP has a 2 Year Limited Warranty. Accessories have a
90 Day Warranty.

Q: Where can I find a copy of the user manual for the Luna TravelPAP?

A: The user manual for the Luna TravelPAP is included in the box with your Travel PAP and can be found in the Patient Resources Section of

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